Thesis/Internships/stages ... all you need to know

The master focusses on the aquisition of capabilities which are relevant for the real world and can be effectively applied in the real world both in academic research and in private companies and public bodies. Hence the final exam consists in the discussion of the results obtained either from:

  1. Academic research (i.e. in the compilation of a traditional thesis) done within UNINA or at other Universities in Italy or abroad or at the national research Institutes (such as INFN, INAF, INGV, CNR). Research thesis are always conducted under the supervision of a faculty member of the Polytechnic School of Fundamental Sciences and Engineering (SPSB). In the case of thesis conducted in collaboration within UNINA but outside the SPSB or at other institutions (see above) a second supervisor (domain expert) will be required. Thesis must lead to an original result, must be written in English and must be exhaustive, i.e. they must be understandable also by a competent person who is not an expert of the specific field. Data science is also about communicating the results of your work to domain experts and, therefore this is a very important requisite.

  2. If the student will opt for an internship/stage in a research institute or in a public administration (hereafter "The host"), both national or international, the student will work under the double supervision of a person delegated to this task by the host, and of a professor of the SPSB designated by the coordinator upon request of the student. In this case the discussion will avaluate -if needed on the basis of a written report (the nature of this report wil be regulated by specific agreement between the host institution and the LMDS concerning intellettual property and/or copyrights). Usually internship will require an average of six months to be completed. Also in this case, the report must be written in English.

Procedures for the Internship

UNINA has a specific department taking care of internship. Please check the site to make sure that you have the most recent documentation. As a first step, you must read the student's vademecum. Unfortunately it is in Italian. If you need an English translation, contact the coordinator. The procedures, however, are summarised in what follows:
First of all, be aware that the procedures for traineeships/internships are rather different for activities "intramoenia" (i.e. in other Departments or University structures outside of the SPSB) or "extramoenia" (i.e. outside UNINA.)

Extramoenia internships/traineeships
Internships hould be performed in the second semester of the second year but exceptions are possible if agreed upon - well in advance - with the coordinator of the Master.
Internships require the existence of an agreement between the University Federico II (or a Department) and the host institution. Here you can find a list of existing agreements. If the company you are interested in is not in this list, DO NOT PANIC!. It is possible to stipulate specific agreements with new legal entities.
In order to do so: follow the procedure outlined below.
  1. 1. Inform the coordinator of the master. He will have the responsibility of the procedure and will assign an academic tutor
  2. 2. Download this form: (Ita, EN). This agreement will define the collaboration among the two parts. Get it signed by the host institution (two copies).
  3. 3. Hand the signed copies to the coordinator who will transmit it to the delegate for the traineeships (prof. Francesco Bifulco or Prof. Daniela Savy).
  4. 4. Wait until the bureaucracy has been completed and the host appears in the list of the agreements (see abova). Usually it takes between 20 and 30 days.
  5. 5. Download the "Student's guide".
  6. 6. Fill this on line form.
  7. 7. Go on "modulistica" and click on "Compila progetto Fomrativo extramoenia" and fill the on line form (there is also the English version)..
During the internship, the student is required to fill the activity booklet dowloadable here.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: remember that in signing the various documents you also agree at respecting the intellectual rigths and any "privacy agreement" foreseen in the contract. This clause holds during and after the traineeship period.
At the end of the internship the host institution and the academic tutors will fill a report summarizing your activities and your performances. This reports together with your relationship must be handed (or e-mailed) to the coordinator of the master who will transmit the results to the secretary.

Procedures for an Academic Thesis

The thesis work should take place in the second semester of the Second Year. In any case, it cannot start before the student has completed all but two exams. Steps:
  1. Read the regulation (Ita, EN) and chack that you have fulfilled all requirements. Pay special attention in respecting the deadlines and the procedures.
  2. Fill this on line form
Once it will be completed the student needs to:
i) reserve a slot in the planned session (see calendar). To do so, he needs to fill this form and to pay the "laurea Tax" using this bulletin.
ii) 15 days before the session he must hand in to the secretary (either via mail or in person using a CD or a USB pen) a pdf file containing the manuscript. This manuscript must be written in Latex or Tex using the template which can be downloaded here.
iii) the final exam will consist in a 30/40 minutes presentation plus Q&A time.

The internal regulation for the evaluation of the final score (which will take into account the academic record and the final exam) can be found here.