Instructions for working students for the AA 2021/2022

Dear student, if you reached this page, it is because you are a working student who has already enrolled or is in the process of enrolling into the Laurea Magistrale in Data Science.
First of all let us state clearly that the University Federico II is not an on-line university. Courses must if possible be attended in person and therefore you should make an effort to comply. Many companies provide special permissions for employees who are studying to enhance their competences. You should explore this possibility.

If you cannot attend the courses in person, then you can attend the lectures on line using the Microsoft TEAMS platform or, as last possibility, you might ask the professor to record the lessons.

All this said, courses will start on October 3) accordingly to the schedule published HERE. In order to enter the teams of the courses you need to send an e-mail (from the account which you have connected to your TEAMS account) for each course to both the professor and to longouniversita following this model:

To: professorname.professor
Cc: longouniversita gmail. com
Subject: request to enter the TEAM of your course on NAMEOFTHECOURSE

Dear professor (professor surname)
I am a working student admitted to the LM in Data Science. I am currently employed at NAME OF THE COMPANY and I will provide the coordinator with a certification. I kindly ask you to add me as a guest to your course: NAME OF THE COURSE and to rant me access to your recorded lectures.
Your signature

(Fill the missing data with proper infos).

The email addresses of the professors have all the same structure (you can find names and surnames on the schedule):

example:Alberto Rampazzo =

The professors will then accept you as guests. When you will have perfected your enrollment you will receive a unina mail account and you will be able to access all facilities.