Learning outcomes

Learning objectives

The Data Science course aims at preparing a highly skilled professional able to integrate knowledge from different domains; she/he will be effective in making use of IT techniques, computer languages, tools and devices; in selecting and using methods, models and packages for intelligent data analysis; in copying with management processes, data analysis for fundamental and applied research, Real World Evidence in the medical domain, and problems in finance, administration and social sciences.

Core competencies

A Data Scientist is expected to have the power of:

  • interacting with experts from a given domain in order to be able to understand the problems and to propose optimal solutions;
  • understanding the structure and the quality of data at hand, promptly identifying sources for noise, bias and uncertainty;
  • making effective use of computer devices and infrastructures to store, handle and transform data, thus achieving the awareness needed to choose the most suitable solutions for a given task;
  • pinpointing key targets best suited to be backed up by data analysis;
  • analyzing data with methods from advanced Statistics, Machine learning, and Operational Research;
  • communicating in a sharp way the outcomes of his work and identify strategic paths stemming from the data analysis, by exploiting advanced visualization techniques.

How to enroll