How to enroll in the Laurea Magistrale (Master)

Pre-requisites and evaluation of previous adacemic and working experience

In order to enroll to the Laurea Magistrale in Data Science of the University Federico II you need to have completed at least a bachelor in scientific or economic discipline, aquiring a minimum of 30 CFUs (credidts) in areas such as Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Computer Sciences, information Technologies. You also need a good knowledge of Enblish both written and spoken (equivalent or higher than the B2 level). Several cases need to be considered.
Bachelor obtained at UNINA: students coming from any of the following BAs are admitted with no need of further checks: mathematics, physics, any field of engineering, chemistry, economy. Other degrees may or may not grant admission with or without debts, depending on the specicic type of exams which have been passed. In this case the student should first submit a complete academic CV to the coordinator to have a pre-evaluation. In order to aquire the missing CFU's the student may be asked to take some courses (esami a gettone) before the formal enrollment.
Bachelors obtained at other universities (both Italian and foreign): at the moment of the enrollment the students must present a complete record of their academic achievements. The document will then be passed by the secretary to a committee of professors who will evaluate the CV and - when it is the case - will decide whether the student has the minimum amount of competences. Usually BAs in hard sciences, engineering or economy grant the immediate access withouth debts.
Other masters obtained at UNINA or other universities (both Italian and foreign): students who want to obtain a second laurea magistrale and already have a master (which covers at least 30 CFUs of Math, Physics, etc. see above) can enroll and ask to have some exams recognized. To do so they need to fill the following form, attach a detailed certificate describing their previous academic record and submit it to the secretary when enrolling. Also in this case, the documents will be evaluated by the committee who will make the final decision. As rule of thumb, candidate students coming from engineering, mathematics, physics can have up to 54-60 CFU's recognized. It, however depends on both the type of master they have and on the selected curriculum. The coordinator will interact with the student in order to make the optimal solution.

Time line and bureaucratic procedures

Italian students who enroll for the first time in a "Laurea Magistrale": the official deadline is xx xxxx.
  1. How to enroll:
  2. How much do I have to pay:
  3. Which documents I must hand in:

Italian students who already have completed a "Laurea Magistrale": the official deadline is xx xxxx.

Foreign students should refere to the dedicate page available at this link.