Foreign students: information to enroll

There are many reasons to choose to study in Naples, a town of extraordinary beauty which offers equally extraordinary opportunities.
The University Federico II was established in 1224 and is the oldest non sectarian university in the world. With its 27 Departments and five campuses it is spread all over the town and offers a stimulating mix of tradition and innovation. Its excellence in research has been certified by many international ratings and the quality of Its professors is reknown.
Naples is a lively, multiethnic, multi-confesisonal town with an extraordinary history of openmindness and tolerance. It has the largest historic Center in Europe and many cultural attractions: the National Library, the archeological Museum, the pynacoteque of Capodimonte, the San Martino Museum, the San Gennaro Treasure, the State National Archives to quote just a few among the most relevant.
The Italian Public Health system is free and open to all enrolled students and its level of excellence is recognized world wide (in year 2021 the Italian Public Health System was even nominated to the Peace Nobel Prize for its level of excellence and capability to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic).

Pre-requisites: you can apply to enter the Data Science Master degree if you match the following requirements:

  • a Bachelor Degree with at least 30 CFUs in mathematics, statistics, physics or computer science;
  • basic knowledge about topics in mathematics, statistics and computer science;
  • a certification for the English proficiency (level B2 or superior) released by an official institute or public body. Italian courses for foreign students are provided by the CLA (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo / Atheneum Language Center).


Each country has its own bureaucracy. Since 2020, in Italy the admission of foreign students takes place in a centralised way through the Universitaly portal. While rendering a little more cumbersome the interaction with your chosen University, this procedure simplifies a lot your applications for VISAS etc... . Universitaly acts just like a router and hence you can apply also without a pre-admission letter. The Universitaly portal will take care of sending your documents to chosen University and Master coordinator. You may find very useful to read this document of the Italian Ministry for University and Research (MIUR) and to watch this short video .

Additional more specific infos can be found atUNINA International. Read, in particular, the instructions available here. At the end of the page you will also find about the tutition fees.

Opportunities for grants

This info are obviously subject to frequent changes due to the rapidly varying scenario. But, in any case, interesting opportunities are described here.
  • Fellowship offered on competitive base by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This impplies that students from a limited number of countries can apply for 9 months grants (renewable). To do so they need to monitor the above site and wait for the new call. This is downloadble from the site but it is valid for the academic year 2020/2021 (but usually it does not change much from year to year).
  • NEWS: The University Federico II also offers a limited number of grants (on competitive base) through an agreement with the sponsoring Italian "Compagnia di San Paolo"". The callcan be downloaded here. If you have already submitted your application through the Universitaly portal you can still apply for the grand (within the deadline) by sending to the specified address a short but detailed motivation letter.


Your background knowledge will be checked at the time of application. Moreover, beginning from 2023 an interview with the professors could be required to ascertain the level of knowledge.


If you have already a Master degree, your curriculum will be evaluated in order to verify if you are eligible to obtain the Data Science Master degree in just one year. In this case you needs to follow the procedures described here. For any further question or clarification, please, contact the coordinator either via mail ( or via phone +39 081-676142