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The Data Science Master at UNINA

  • The master in Data Science was inaugurated in 2019 as the result of an initiative promoted by the Rector Prof. Gaetano Manfredi. A period of consultations within the Polytechnic School and across the four Schools at UNINA, made clear that Data Science was at center of the research interests of a large number of professors spread across all departments. This huge variety of interests and competences defined the structure of the course which aims at forming data scientists with both a strong methodological background and a good understanding of at least one specific domain of application. The new master was then assigned to the Department of Physics "Ettore Pancini"
  • Several consultations with local, national and international companies, as well as with the main public bodies, made immediately clear the need for professionals with the proposed skills. Needs which went beyond the Master itself and lead the proponents to start a virtual Data Science Laboratory which gathers all expertises available in the Atheneum and aims at acting as a portal towards the community of potential users.