Instructions for academic year 2022/2023

We are still affected by the COVID 19 pandemics. This means that the access to the university premises still suffers from some restrictions. At the moment it is not clear whether the University will recur again to the GOIN procedure. As soon as we know for sure, we shall inform you. Hence, please monitor frequenly this page.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Foreign students who are still perfecting their VISA in order to access Italy can refer to this page. They will be granted remote access to the lectures on the TEAMS platform. This access will be revoked if the enrollment procedure has not been perfected by the time the deadline for enrollment expires.

Lectures will be in blended modality: access to the on-line modality, however, will be granted only to working students, or, if it will be the case due to a number of students in excess of the maximum capacity of the lecture room, also to those students who will have not been allowed in by the GOIN procedure (if active).

2. Students accessing the premises of the UNiversity must comply to the safety procedures of the University: wear protective masks all time and respect distancing, wash their hands with disinfectants as often as possible.

Calendar and instructions for the First Semester

1. Lectures will start on the 3-rd of October. This slight delay are related to the fact that many foreign students are still encountering problems in obtaining their VISA.

2. Download Microsoft TEAMS (if you have enrolled you can get it through your student personal page from UNINA) and subscribe to the channel with CODE= 6dwb2kw. This TEAM will be used for all official communications from the coordinator.

3. The preliminary schedule of the courses (please check until the last minute because changes are possible) can be found here SCHEDULE OF THE COURSES. The physical location of the classrooms is not yet specified. Check this page for updates.

4. Students must carry with them their laptops. No laptops can be provided by the university.They will access the WI-FI using their UNINA credentials.

5. For each course there will be a TEAMS channel. Student can access these channels either using the links on the GOIN page or by sending an e-mail to the instructor. The course materials will be made available on either (or both) the TEAMS channel of the course, or on the personal teaching pages of the instructors (these pages are linked into the schedule)."

6. Students who, are in Naples but, at the start of the courses, have not yet perfected the enrollment procedure can still attend the lectures either in presence or by requesting the access to the TEAMS channel by sending an e-mail to the instructor. This access will be closed immediately after the enrollment deadline. "

7. Whereas possible (depending on copyright and intellectual property) lectures will be recorded. Access to the recorded material will be granted for all courses only to students who will demonstrate a specific need (e.g. working students or students with disabilities.). To make the recorded lectures avialable to all other students will depend on the decision of the instructors.
Important notice: the recorded material and the course materials are protected by the existing italian laws on "Intellectual Property". They cannot be distributed to unauthorized persons. Furthermore: any abuse of the recorded material will be heavily sanctioned by the existing Italian Laws. Unauthorised recording of the lectures is not allowed by any means (the only person who can start the recording or authorise it is the instructor).

P.S. Regarding what is written above, please notice that this is a "Data Science Master" and ... as you can imagine ... all abuses will be tracked down ....