• The New Master Degree of UNINA

    Data Science

  • Data Science for Public Administration,
    Economics and Management

    Methods and theories for implementing improved management and advanced business intelligence

  • Data Science for Fundamental Science
    and Engineering

    Algorithm and techniques for starting the next wave of data intelligent analysis

  • Data Science for Real World Evidence
    in Pharmacology and Oncology

    Effective application of data science to pharmacology and oncology

  • Data Science for Intelligent Systems

    Methods and theories behind Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

A new fascinating Master's Degree to train data scientists: the most required job in the world.
The Master's Degree in Data Science of University of Naples Federico II aims at connecting graduate students with these job opportunities by means of an appropriate teaching strategy, organized in four different learning paths.

Data Science for
Public Administration, Economics and Management

Learn how to integrate methodologies for data analytics in management processes, that means routinely digging data to extract information, obtaining knowledge and gathering value to support intelligent business and administrative decisions.

Data Science for
Fundamental Science and Engineering

Define new algorithms for discovering how new knowledge could stem from what we already know and fresh data sources and data streams in the field of pure and applied science as well as in the field of engineering.

Data Science for
Real World Evidence in Pharmacology and Oncology

Apply the Data Science paradigm to Real World Evidence in medicine to effectively assist decisions in oncology and for designing, driving and analyzing 'in silico' experiments in pharmacology.

Data Science for
Intelligent Systems

Learn the fundamental mechanisms of human reasoning and use this knowledge to design and develop new smart systems in different application domains on both classical computational architectures and quantum computing frameworks.

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... about data science

Data Science is often labeled as "the sexiest job of the century." It is estimated that in the coming decade more than 10 million data scientists will be needed in Europe alone. Data Science is by its own nature an interdisciplinary discipline with deep roots in mathematics, statistics, computer science and informatics, physics and applications which span ... read more

... about the master

The UNINA master in Data Science was established in 2019 and it is structured in order to be able to quickly adjust to a rapidly evolving scenario. In fact, every year new methods are implemented, new fields of application emerge, new technological infrastructures and platforms are deployed. The master is therefore structured in two parts. The first year .... read more

Picariello lectues

In order to capture the multifaceted nature of data science, the master organizes a series of lectures (usually every week) covering all aspects of the field. Speakers are selected among the leaders of their field and come from both the academic and the industrial world and the lectures are usually held on line and ... . read more...

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In this page you will find useful information to make your enrollment experience easier: procedure, taxes, how to enroll if you are a EU or a non-Eu citizen, deadlines, etc. ... read more ...

Thesis, internship, stages

The master foresees a final exam consisting in the discussion of an original manuscript resulting either from academic research, or from the work performed during an internship, stage at a national or foreign institution, company, ecc ... read more ...

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